AngelFest Female Funders Lunch (powered by Highline BETA)

In a continued effort to move the dial on diversity and women in tech, Highline BETA and Female Funders are bringing together investors from across the country. Join us in Montreal for lunch and intimate conversations surrounded by incredible women investors from across Canada, prior to AngelFest. 

Highline BETA has sponsored 10 tickets for female investors who are interested in attending AngelFest.

Please apply here, you will be notified if you've been selected. Filling out this form does not guarantee you a spot due to a limited space, but we will keep you in mind for the next event!

Build your network. Get inspired. Take Action.
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- $1M net worth, not including primary residence OR
- $200K in personal income OR
- $300K in household income for the past two years)

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In order to provide the best quality experience for our community, the Female Funders Event Series is an exclusive event for women serious about angel investing. In order to attend you must agree that you have at least $10K in disposable income that you plan to invest in startups over the next year.
Thank you for applying for the AngelFest Female Funders Event Series!

You will be contacted if selected!
Recipients will receive complementary ticket to AngelFest and a spot at the Female Funders Lunch on July 12th.
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